Average Car Insurance In Tennessee USA

Average Car Insurance In Tennessee Usa


Auto insurance rates by city. The average cost of auto insurance in Tennessee is $514 per year or $43 per month with minimal liability. According to an analysis by NerdWallet, the average cost of fully covered auto insurance in Tennessee is $1,439 per year, or about $120 per month. The average monthly cost for minimum coverage auto insurance in Tennessee is $60 per month, or $722 per year.

The average car insurance premium for drivers in Tennessee is $181 per month and $2,177 per year. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), auto insurance in Tennessee is relatively affordable, with the average driver paying about $820 a year in premiums. Tennessee drivers pay an average of $336 less for full coverage and $194 less for minimum coverage than the national average.


Insurance costs are relatively low in most places in Tennessee, but Memphis residents actually pay more than the national average ($1,652). The national average insurance rate in the U.S. is $1,652 a year, meaning drivers in volunteer states pay $323 less for auto insurance than the average American. In Nashville, drivers pay an average of $860 a year for auto insurance, well below the Tennessee and national averages.


In Nashville, if you live with area code 37221, you will pay approximately $31 less in annual auto insurance costs than if you live with area code 37211. Auto insurance costs in Nashville compared to other cities in Tennessee. about $112 more a year than Chattanooga, $56 more a year than Clarksville, and $50 more a year than Knoxville. Average auto insurance in Knoxville is cheaper than vehicle insurance premiums in most cities in Tennessee and the US. The average insurance premium in Knoxville is $23 less than the Tennessee average and $1 less than the national average.

The comparison chart below shows the sports cars with the lowest average auto insurance rates in Nashville, ranging from the Mazda MX-5 Miata for $1,344/year ($112/month) to the Lexus LC 500 for $2,552/year ($213/month). ). Some other sports cars with good average insurance rates include the Chevrolet Corvette, Subaru BRZ, BMW M3, and Audi TT with an average cost of $2004 or less per year. Other luxury vehicles with affordable average insurance rates include the BMW 230i, BMW 330e, BMW 228i, and Lexus RC 300 with average annual insurance rates of $1,720 per year or less.


The cheapest NerdWallet auto insurance found for drivers who have recently DUI is provided by the companies that list comprehensive coverage rates below. The following table lists some of the largest and most popular auto insurance companies in Tennessee along with their average annual minimum and total premiums. Our editorial team analyzed auto insurance rates from 15 Tennessee auto insurance companies and found five of the cheapest options for drivers of different age groups and experience levels, all driving a 2019 Toyota Camry L. For the minimum coverage, NerdWallet reviewed Tennessee requirements for rates that reflect the minimum coverage. QuoteWizard’s analysis shows that State Farm offers the most affordable rates for drivers suitable for a variety of driving situations, including those looking for minimum and full coverage auto insurance, and those with driving disabilities.

For example, Grange offers the cheapest auto insurance rates in Tennessee, averaging $190 a year, with a minimum coverage of 35 years old for drivers with a proven track record. Full coverage auto insurance for the average driver in this segment costs about $98 per month, depending on the company.


When it comes to comprehensive auto insurance, which includes liability, collision and all-in coverage, State Farm still has the highest rates at $78 a month, followed by USAA at $83 a month and Erie at $98 a month. For policies that meet Tennessee’s minimum liability coverage requirements, State Farm charges $414 per year, which equates to $35 per month. Unlike other insurers in our study, State Farm treats drunk driving as a speeding ticket, charging our sample drivers the same fees for both violations.


The speeding ticket raises Tennessee’s average monthly auto insurance rate to $150, compared to $138 for the unprecedented driver. If you are caught driving without insurance in Tennessee, you can be fined, lose your driver’s license, and have your vehicle registration suspended. Driving is punishable by a $300 fine and Tennessee will suspend your license and vehicle registration until you provide proof of insurance.


Insurers tend to charge high insurance premiums to drivers with a history of accidents or traffic violations. According to Consumer Affairs, insurance companies often charge high premiums to drivers who live in high-crime areas. Each city has a different average auto insurance rate because local factors such as crime rates, population density, or the number of accidents in a particular area affect the cost of insurance.

Auto Insurance for High-Risk Drivers in Tennessee Drivers with a good driving history tend to pay less for auto insurance than drivers with a DUI, a speeding ticket, or an accident. Tennessee Auto Insurance Rates by Age Auto insurers typically charge more for younger drivers and offer discounts for older drivers. Currently Insuring the Uninsured in Tennessee Typically, drivers who currently have auto insurance will get a cheaper monthly fee than those who do not.


Knoxville insurers are raising insurance rates for careless drivers by about $844 a year. Your liability insurance covers the cost of car repairs, other property damage, and medical bills for another driver if you are found at fault, but only within the limits of your policy. The table below lists SUVs with the lowest average auto insurance rates in Nashville, ranging from the Mazda CX-5 at $1,180/year ($98/month) to the Ford Edge at $1,396/year ($116/year). month).


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