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hey, guys in this video we’re gonna talk about the Land of the Rising Sun once you step off the plane in Tokyo you’ll feel like you had stepped into some sort of Nirvana that was tailor-made for you Japan is located on the Japanese archipelago consistent of almost 7,000 islands.

the four largest of these are han soo-ah Kaido cause and sakoku the climate of Japan is predominantly temperate but varies greatly from north to south the island of Hokkaido gets plenty of snow during the winter about 73% of Japan is forested mountainous and unsuitable for agriculture.

all industrial or residential use the nature of Japan is beautiful and diverse from subtropical evergreen forests in the south to coniferous forests in north Japan has a hundred and eight active volcanoes and substantially prone to earthquakes tsunami and volcanoes due to its location along the Pacific Ring of Fire

Japan’s population is estimated at around 128 million Japanese society is linguistically ethnically and culturally homogeneous composed of 98.5% ethnic Japanese the population density is very high 336 people per square kilometer more than half of the Japanese population live in the cities the largest of which are Tokyo the greater Tokyo area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world without ports of 37 million people with neon-lit

skyscrapers and Asian temples side-by-side Yokohama is the second-largest city in Japan by population and Japan’s largest port city it’s very well known for its Anki and garden a botanical garden and the seaside Menotomy ride district side of the 926-meter landmark tower Osaka Osaka is a large port city and a commercial center on the Japanese island of Honsou

it’s known for its modern architecture nightlife and hardy Street food Sapporo the capital of the mountainous northern Japanese island of Hokkaido is famous for its beer skiing Hot Springs and annual Sapporo Snow Festival featuring enormous ice sculptures since privatization in 1987 dozens of Japanese railroad companies compete in regional and local passenger transportation markets.

Japanese trains are famous for their safety and punctuality on weekdays most prefer to travel by public transportation or bicycles to come to work by car it can sometimes be considered rude their railroad communication is very well developed the total length of the railroads is twenty-seven thousand kilometers the symbol of modern.

Japan is famous ultra-high-speed trains sync onsen that can reach a maximum speed of 320 km/h proposals for a new maglev route between Tokyo and Osaka are at an advanced stage they drive on the left side in Japan.

Japan’s Road spanning has been extended it’s 1.2 million kilometers of the paved road people drive here on the left side on the highways the maximum speed is 100 kilometers an hour which you will agree is very slow for sports car enthusiasts.

Japan takes the second place in the world after China in the length of underground tunnels 4000 kilometers in Japan there is a separate category of cars Kei car they have yellow license plates and in fact, they can be identified by their appearance they are super small and with a very distinctive design, their drivers receive tax and insurance cuts for every 1000 people there are at 593 cars in Japan.

it’s the third-largest car manufacturer in the world after China and the US the homeland of such auto brands as Honda Nissan Suzuki Mazda and others sports here is very popular first of all Japan is associated with martial arts such as karate and sumo wrestling modern.

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Japan is also interested also popular are baseball football golf and motor racing the Suzuka international racing courts are one of the oldest remaining tracks of the Formula One World Championship and such a popular sport as drifting was invented in Japan.

In the 1960s in terms of GDP Japan ranks third in the world after the US and China despite the fact that Japan has very few energy resources this country is very advanced in high technologists robotics and electronics automobile and shipbuilding.

it’s home to such brands of electronics as Canon sharp Sony Panasonic and others the country has the lowest unemployment rate in the world 3% on the average the salaries $2,600 per month the Japanese are real workaholics vacation is just 10 days a year at best for many the main goal of life is to increase the prosperity of the country and the firm.

they’re working at staying late at work come into work and weekends and even not taking a vacation altogether is the norm in Japan and Japanese they even have a special word cat or Shi which can be translated literally as overwork death if you think.

Japan is all high-tech think not many enterprises still use fax machines and managers of companies of senior age do not want to change anything and just act the old-fashioned way housing in Japan is expensive for example in May 2016 in Tokyo the average price per square meter was anywhere from 4,000 to 8,000 dollars in cities very tiny one-room apartment are very common in which there’s only a single room measuring about 10 square meters and a kitchen about 5 square meters but the average area of a house.

in Japan is not the smallest it’s actually 95 square meters compare that to Britain where it’s only 76 water in the house is expensive so people often reuse water from the laundry in winter Japanese apartments can be cold because there are no central heating capsule hotels the most economical kind of a hotel which is very popular in Japan most typical guests are Japanese man who are not willing to go home right up to work or they drunk or they just want to spend some time alone foreign languages are not very common in Japan after all 98 percent of Japanese people are Japanese.

let’s listen to what Japanese sounds like foreigner Sulli permanently in Japan have a hard time you’re always in the center of attention and even after living 20 years in the country you will be complemented with such lines as what to find fellow you learn how to use chopsticks why does Japan remain Japan.

firstly because of its geographical distance and secondly the migration policy in Japan is very tough for example in 2014 there were only about 5,000 applications for refugee status of which only 16 were satisfied but even if you do get your dream job in Japan you can never become one of them you’ll always be an outsider even.

if you Luke Asian Mike Koreans and Chinese in Japan education are quite expensive there is very high competition here and therefore to achieve the success you have to compete and compete a lot of children are constantly under pressure from both parents and teachers reminding them that they have to be the best customer service is very different from American

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when you enter the store you’ll be welcomed that’s about it you will note hear if you like that we have this in stock as well do you want me to show you that no one’s gonna bother you until you’re ready to buy something. Japanese service is all about respect for the client the Japanese fashion is associated with something bright and vulgar but these are the images that Google gives you when you search for fashion in Japan but in reality, it’s not yes blue hair insane outfits, and painted eyes but the average Japanese is not like that Japanese women are crazy about everything European the medical mask has long been part of the national outfit in Japan.

in winter they wear it so that they don’t get infected in the spring because of allergies and the summertime because of the dust also Japan amuses the whole world with its insane talk shows which go over the limits of decency the Japanese love to sing karaoke in fact this entertainment was invented here and Japanese anime and comics are the back doors into the world of Japanese consciousness through.

them you can understand and appreciate a country a lot more the traditional cuisine of Japan is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes there’s an emphasis and seasonal ingredients side dishes often consist of fish pickled vegetables and vegetables cooked and broth seafood is common often grilled but often served raw as sashimi or in sushi no matter how famous the sake is still the most popular drink in Japan is beer Japanese hardly ever invite their guests to their homes preferring to hang out or do business and restaurants and cafes tipping in Japan is not accepted.

they just don’t do it only in Japan you can meet incredible combinations of tastes for example ice cream with the taste of shrimps tomatoes or even Python kid CAD with a taste of wasabi Pepsi with a cucumber flavor Japan has the highest life expectancy in the world.

I’m not exaggerating 83 points 7 years the Japanese love ordering rules and everything people are constantly out of social pressure people often complain to the police of other neighbors about garbage and vehicles parking their own place also the Japanese man did now give too many compliments to ladies especially if they’re not familiar with the girl it’s related to Japanese culture where they expect you to remain modest.

and, not show off your feelings this has been taught to them since childhood do not bother others often Japanese women will take the first steps and building their relationship for Japanese women security is very important if a guy doesn’t have a lot of savings or career it’s very unlikely for a girl to marry him morning rush-hour in Tokyo might be crazy but nothing feels out of control like he does in New York City or Toronto people are expected to behave a certain way public and they do people are expected to behave a certain way in public and everything is in order Japan is beautiful chaos bending but never break him

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