Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe

Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe!!!


hello in this Post we’re talking about a tiny country in Europe and aura it’s known for its ski resorts and a tax haven status that encourages you to free shopping and Dora is the sixth smallest nation in Europe having an area of just 468 square kilometers that’s almost twice smaller than New York City and the population of about eighty-five thousand people you might wonder why would I want to know about such a small country but I think it’s not the size of the country that makes it interesting and Dora is a tiny independent principality situated between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains two-thirds of the residents lack Andorra nationality and do not have the right to vote in elections Andorrans.


who are ethnically Catalans are a minority in their own country Spanish French and Portuguese residents make up about 67 percent of the population the national language is Catalan it is spoken by more than 12 million people Spanish French and Portuguese are also spoken and as in the rest of Europe most people speak English well the present principality was formed in 1278 and Endora has been a protectorate of France and Spain ever since Andorra has no army and a limited number of policemen the country’s only military expenditure is ammunition for fireworks at official celebrations who will defend in Dora in case of an invasion Fran’s

Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe
Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe

in Spain, of course, Andorra doesn’t even have an airport nor a railway station so you can only get here by bus or by car from Spain or France for example from Barcelona Airport to Andorra is just three hours by bus crime here is pretty much non-existent for example in 2003 there were only 61 people in custody and this is for the whole country if the term exceeds three months criminals have a choice to make to go to jail in France or Spain tourism the mainstay of indoors tiny


but well-to-do economy accounts for roughly 80% of the GDP and Doris tourism’s services an estimated 10 million visitors annually it’s hard to believe how the country has transformed from a once mountainous rural community into a powerful tourist center the second most important sector of the economy is the banking sector and Doris still retains the reputation of a country that does not reveal the secrecy of bank deposits plus taxes and Endora are among the lowest in Europe the so-called tax haven the average salary is 1700 euros per month


and Ora is famous for its shopping experience here prices can be 15 to 20 percent lower than the neighboring countries due to the low taxation policy even the Spaniards and the French come here every weekend for shopping they mostly buy tobacco and expensive alcohol most tourists come here for the ski resorts, of course, there are six main villages in which ski resorts are based 128 trails with impressive elevations of up to a thousand meters a good choice of equipment to rent and safety is always a top priority the helicopter is always on the alert [Applause] excellent infrastructure with many hotels and great service…


there are about 200 hotels here the capital is Endora la Vella hiding from the world in the middle of the Paradis speaks it’s a small town in the highlands which is easy to get around on food it consists in fact of only one central street in many smaller streets and Dory’s old town the berry antic includes several streets and buildings dating from early times due to the mountainous terrain all houses are inscribed into the slopes of the mountains so the streets are narrow and winding in the summertime you can ride mountain trails on bicycles and on horses do mountaineering go fishing and hunting beautiful nature you can endlessly enjoy the Magnificent mountain scenery waterfalls rivers and gorges the length of the road network of Endora is only 279 kilometers lots of tunnels.


which is not surprising for a mountainous country with lots of sports activities great nightlife many bars pubs and restaurants where you can try different cuisines of the world gastronomic traditions of Endora closely intertwined with Spain and France it’s worth trying the local soup ESCA del ha mon or dry-cured ham is very popular making a raw delicacy a real tradition you can even try it in the store wines are very popular here too

Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe
Interesting Facts About Small Country Europe

which is no surprise knowing that Endora has the seventh-highest alcohol consumption per capita in the world the local people are very friendly the population of Andorra is predominantly Catholic the school’s teach in Catalan French and Spanish about 50% of children choose to go to French schools there is only one University where about 500 people study students who get accepted to universities in France Spain and other

European countries get their education paid for by the state becoming a citizen is very difficult and it’s a long process it is necessary to live in this country for 20 years before you can do that and now the mandatory condition is to give up your old citizenship and Dora does not recognize two passports it is interesting that postal services inside the country are totally free impeccable ecology the water from the tap is clean and safe to drink water in swimming pools is not chlorinated in 2013 and Dora had the highest life expectancy in the world 81 years the ones closed Principality is now flourishing…


thanks to tourism would you rather live in a huge country like China India or the US or in such a small country as Dora let me know in the comment section below thank you!


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