Small Business Auto Insurance Quote

Small Business Auto Insurance Quote


Commercial Auto Insurance is coverage that helps businesses who own and operate vehicles to pay for property damages, vehicle repairs, medical expenses, and legal liability following an accident covered by insurance. Most states require your company-owned vehicles to be insured against specific types of accidents under commercial auto coverage. Choosing the right commercial auto coverage for your particular needs is critical for protecting your business and income. The types of vehicles used by your business, the way in which they are used, and the people operating them will all dictate specifics about the insurance coverage that is needed.


The exact kind of coverage needed will depend on exactly how each car is being used for business; but generally speaking, if the car is being used for business, some type of business auto insurance policy is required. The coverage provided by commercial auto insurance is similar to that provided by personal car insurance policies, except that it is specific to vehicles operated for commercial purposes. If each car is regularly used for commutes, out-of-town meetings, and other work-related activities, then he or she will probably need to be covered under a commercial auto insurance policy. If the car in question is used mostly for business purposes, then you need to obtain commercial auto insurance coverage, as most personal car policies — yours, or one of your employees — will not cover accidents and incidents related to the business.


Commercial car insurance helps to cover costs related to accidents involving use of the commercial vehicle. You can protect any tools, electronics, or other expensive items that you use for your business with supplemental business property insurance. Commercial Property Insurance, which helps to protect your companys physical location as well as any owned or rented equipment that you use to conduct business. Commercial general liability insurance covers accidents or injuries that occur at your business location to customers or others.


Almost every business needs general liability insurance, which protects you if any customers are injured at your location. Known as business insurance, commercial insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to protect businesses against the financial, physical, and intellectual property damage and losses that come with doing business. In addition to these main types of business insurance, there are several other types of coverage business owners may need to hedge against risks, such as cyber coverage or professional liability coverage for employers, which are specialized to a business or industry. That is, some businesses may require additional types of commercial insurance coverages (as listed below), which may sometimes be packaged into a single business owners policy (BOP) at discounted rates.


Businesses that have several vehicles that need to be insured may be able to save if they buy Commercial Fleet Insurance, which is a kind of comprehensive insurance that has flexible options to help lower costs. If you are running a small to midsize business that has two or more vehicles dedicated exclusively to the purpose of running the business, consider purchasing commercial fleet insurance. Just as no two small businesses are alike, no two work-vehicle fleets need exactly the same coverage for commercial vehicles. It is often difficult for small business owners to understand what is really different between personal and commercial auto insurance, and why they will need both types of insurance if they are using personal vehicles for business purposes.


Service utility vehicles or delivery truck fleets are obvious candidates for commercial auto insurance, but plenty of small businesses also need it. If you or your employees are driving personal vehicles for work, or your company is leasing vehicles, consider getting Hired Non-Owned Insurance (HNOA). Direct Auto Insurance representatives can help you find an affordable plan that will get your fleet of business vehicles on the road and covered correctly. Fleet coverage typically includes commercial auto liability, physical damage, medical expenses, uninsured motorist, and rental car coverage.


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