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My life turned into a complete hell after my car accident. After that, I was left to live with no money. I had been living in fear and hopelessness for years and suddenly, I found myself trapped with nothing to look forward to. In order to make ends meet, I started working at one of the most important companies in San Antonio, Texas. However, it was too much work for me. Soon after I started working there, I started having panic attacks as well. There were times when I could hardly speak and sometimes lost consciousness.

At one point, I even thought about committing suicide. With all this in mind, I decided to find some help from an attorney to get everything sorted out. Luckily, that day came, and I went through many different attorneys until I landed on one who seemed to be professional enough. This is how he helped me get the best medical care. Unfortunately, that’s also how his services ended up costing us around $100,000, which is already a lot. Fortunately, we still got some money back in our pocket, and now with all this going on, there is no way that I am getting any more help out of him. But I strongly believe he has done his job well, and if you need legal help for your automotive accident soon, we can always do that in New York City.


If someone is hurting because their car accident caused severe injuries or even death and they are not able to file a claim against the driver, then our law firm can help them to bring a claim against the owner. We have to make sure that they actually want our service. As for the people getting hurt in accidents caused by poor driving, they should contact us in such cases as long as the cause is being caused by reckless drivers. Our lawyers are there to do whatever is needed to protect the innocent person’s interests, and we will fight for them if they need us.

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Most people underestimate the severity of damages they can get when they hire us. When someone makes a serious claim against the insurance company, we must prepare a statement of facts on behalf of them, otherwise, that case has no merit to it. If the damage exceeds the amount paid by the insurer, then our lawyers can demand compensation for it. For car accident victims, we deal with both plaintiffs’ compensation and personal injury lawyers for them, which gives us a large pool of potential clients. They may also be seeking assistance in obtaining civil litigation on their behalf. That lawsuit would take us to court, and that’s something we need to keep ourselves informed of.

Our service includes mediation between parties and filing the appropriate documents along with the claims they have against each other. Moreover, whenever we come across the injured party, they can file their own statements of facts as well to prove that the accident was indeed the reason for their suffering. To conclude the process, the affected persons can file their final claims on behalf of the injured ones. Once we receive a claim, we cannot start it on the grounds that we think it is a fake one or anything else. Instead, we can review it for flaws, to see if one of the parties has made mistakes as well. Then we can begin making decisions that match the information given and the evidence presented to us. Ultimately, though, it is up to the plaintiff to decide whether to go forward with the case, and the jury will make its decision based on the evidence provided to them and its credibility. And since we are experts in automobile accidents, our lawyers know exactly what kind of cases we handle.

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Our clients can easily track down our office location by using Google Maps. Once the person arrives there, they can schedule a visit by selecting the nearest place. It takes only a few minutes for us to help the victim and get a settlement. So they don’t need to waste time doing it in their house. Not only that, but now that they know where our city is located, our customers can send us text messages once they arrive at our offices.

In addition to general automobile traffic and criminal cases, we take a number of non-insurance claims. Those include wrongful death cases, assault, battery, property damage, and so on. So our clients get the best possible representation of their rights, and they receive the best advice regarding their case. We are known as one of the top 10 legal firms in North America, and that means that our knowledge is second to none. Even though our focus is on commercial litigation, we also represent individuals who are injured due to public health issues like diabetes and obesity. Or, in certain instances, those whose private properties are damaged due to fires caused by careless drivers. Therefore, our legal team handles any type of case with no problem.

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