Top 10 BEST COUNTRIES to Live in the World for 2020

  • Finland
  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Switzerland
  • Australia
  • Norway

are you stressed out maybe even fed up with your country here in the usa we just recently celebrated our birthday but if we do some reflecting we’ve definitely seen better times as a nation which got me thinking we make a lot of videos about the united states so why don’t we cover some other countries for once after all not all of my viewers are americans and many americans are annoyed by the way our country’s headed so to start how about we go over the best countries to live in the world which i determine based on a variety of metrics including each nation’s economy safety education healthcare infrastructure culture corruption civil liberties natural environment and quality of life with the overall happiness of a country’s residents being in that quality of life subgroup and also the most important factor i mean if everyone in a country is living a long and happy life what else can you ask for and if you want to see more of these international videos let’s hit 10 000 likes and i’ll do a list on the best and worst places to live on each continent but without further ado these are the top 10 best countries to live in for 2020.

number 10. finland okay so you’re probably thinking what the heck when did finland get a giant cosmopolitan city full of futuristic skyscrapers where are the cute colorful scandinavian houses well you’ll see them in just a bit but because it was so hard to narrow all of the amazing countries in the world down to just 10 i actually couldn’t so we’re going to start off with a quick honorable mention singapore despite being a tiny island city-state that only gained independence in 1965 singapore has managed to perfectly implement the best of both eastern and western society to become one of the most advanced culturally diverse and modern nations in the world and the economy is booming so many startups and big name companies are located here due to its business friendly policies extremely low taxes incredible infrastructure and open trade and singapore was also ranked as both the second safest city and country on earth between the high wages luxurious amenities immaculate cleanliness and wonderful quality of life it’s almost as if this place was designed in a lab seriously it’s too perfect so why didn’t it make the actual top 10 well because of the authoritarian government the amount of censorship present here is honestly a huge infringement on a person’s individual liberties but at least most of the residents don’t seem to mind since the government itself is virtually uncorrupt but then again if they do mind it’s not like they’d even be allowed to say anything i mean if the fine for dropping a candy wrapper on the sidewalk is 300 you can imagine the consequence for government criticism probably isn’t worth it especially since it’s already expensive enough to live here with a cost of living that’s higher than 95 percent of other countries so let’s get back to actualy.

number 10 finland just look at those clear skies and take in some deep breaths while you’re at it because whether it’s from 72 percent of finland being covered in forest or from the country’s incredible eco-friendliness finland has the cleanest air in the world and some of the most beautiful nature too with 188 000 lakes 180 000 islands and gorgeous hills and mountains in the unique northern lapland region which also just so happens to be one of the best places to view the northern lights however finland does get pretty darn cold and while the midnight sun of the summertime makes for great adventures it also means that parts of the country experience less than two hours of daylight a day during the winter but hey at least there’s over 2 million saunas to keep you warm aside from the magical environment though finland also hosts the happiest citizens on earth and it isn’t hard to see why the government genuinely has its people’s best interests in mind and does everything it can to ensure the highest quality of life possible starting with the best education system in the world where standardized testing doesn’t exist and schools allow students to learn in whichever way is best suited for them and once they’ve graduated finland offers free university and trade school in addition to having top-notch universal healthcare coverage and being the third best country for gender equality with 328 days of paid family leave but these things don’t come without a price because taxes are high wages still aren’t the best and the unemployment rate lies at a staggering ten percent

number nine new zealand let’s take things down to the southern hemisphere where the 4.8 million human residents and the 26.7 million sheep residents of new zealand enjoy incredibly high quality education healthcare economic opportunities and more okay well maybe not the sheep but they must be happy too because there are definitely enough of them to overthrow the government if they weren’t but why would they i mean new zealand’s tied for being the least corrupt country in the world between the indigenous maori peoples and the quarter of the population that identifies as immigrants the highly diverse residents coexist peacefully here making it tied for the second safest country not to mention one of the happiest i’m guessing the perfect weather enchanting mountaintops crystal clear beaches and world-class vineyards have something to do with that as well seriously this country is so beautiful that you might say it looks like something out of the lord of the rings oh wait but new zealand isn’t just a great place for hobbits to have adventures it’s also the adventure capital of the world for humans offering pretty much every type of outdoor recreation imaginable and since there’s also an excellent work-life balance new zealanders can truly make the most out of their adventures.

number eight germany with nearly 84 million residents germany is the largest nation by population in the eu making it the first big country on our list but despite having so many people germany manages things incredibly well not only is it cheap compared to its european neighbors but it also has the fourth best economy in the world with an annual gdp of 4 trillion us dollars an unemployment rate of just 3.9 percent and an incredibly diverse workforce how is all this possible you might wonder well perhaps it has something to do with the excellent education system and free public universities or maybe the outstanding public transit systems that seamlessly transport people around the cities and between them speaking of which from dusseldorf to hamburg to berlin munich stuttgart and frankfurt germany has so many amazing cities to live in each with their own unique art history culture and beer gardens featuring world-class beer in fact the beer here is so good that you probably won’t even get a hangover the next day the only downside is of course the 42 personal income tax rate that applies to most residents and makes germany one of the most heavily taxed countries on earth but at least you get what you pay for when you consider the remarkable infrastructure safety schools and healthcare benefits;

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number seven sweden do you hate stress if so sweden’s six-hour work days are definitely worth looking into but despite or perhaps because sweden’s populace isn’t overworked the economy here is thriving sweden’s actually the second best country for business and the great work-life balance leads to extremely happy residents who in turn are much more productive with the time they do spend working creating an impressively high gdp per capita over 57 000 us dollars add in a relatively low cost of living compared to the rest of northern europe and money isn’t really an issue here so the residents of sweden have plenty of time to enjoy hanging out with friends and family in one of the cleanest nations on earth and by clean i don’t just mean the amazing air quality spotless streets and pure water from every tap because the government here is pretty clean as well sweden’s actually the fourth least corrupt country the government does however take anywhere from 32 to 60 of your paycheck in the form of taxes but at least it goes to good use as it also ensures wonderful public transportation free universal coverage in one of the top three best healthcare systems in the world and five weeks of paid vacation time and with an emphasis on social equality as well as 480 days of paid family leave that can be split between a couple on top of the mandatory 18 weeks maternity leave whenever a new child is welcomed into the family sweden is the best country for women the only bad thing is that the education system is unsupportive and just not good compared to the surrounding countries teachers will often have low salaries which leads to lower quality teaching although the universities are actually really good and free for eu citizens

number six denmark just a quick 15 minute drive across the incredibly beautiful and expensive oresund bridge brings us to our next country denmark where you’ll find the highest quality of life on the planet this could be accredited to the best healthcare system in the world or the fact that it’s tied with new zealand is the least corrupt country or maybe that it’s also considered the second happiest nation or that it’s one of the top five safest countries or maybe the amazing air quality or that the capital copenhagen is often regarded as the most livable city on earth i could go on but i think you get the picture and if you don’t well picture this your turn to work from your two-week long vacation and everyone just looks at you weird because oh right you have three more weeks of paid vacation time of course only a non-danish person would make that mistake because danes prioritize life over work and spend over two-thirds of even their non-vacation days eating sleeping and indulging in leisure activities but don’t mistake their flexible job schedules and 33-hour work weeks for laziness because danes rank very high in productivity education skills earnings personal security and civic engagement sure the effect of personal income tax rate is 52 percent but the residents don’t really mind as they see the high taxes as an investment into their quality of life because they know the money is gonna go to good use plus who needs money when you can explore these gorgeous mountains for free wait denmark’s flat

number five Canada, while Denmark doesn’t have any mountains Canada sure does in fact the great white north, is one of the most beautiful countries on earth with so much untouched wilderness and pretty much every landscape you could imagine but let’s get down to business because Canada is the sixth-best country for business a GDP of 1.74 trillion us dollars is a really high number for any country but it’s especially high for a country of only 37 million people and although the unemployment rate has unfortunately shot up to 14 due to recent events the citizens will be well cared for because Canada has an excellent social safety net featuring full employment insurance a national pension plan universal health care and provincial welfare systems add in one of the best public schooling systems low crime great air quality and incredibly friendly residents and it’s not hard to see why the quality of life here is so high and the people are so happy

number four japan if you want to live a long and happy life japan is the place to do it the life expectancy here is 88 years for females in 85 years overall making it the longest on earth and who wouldn’t want to spend as long as they possibly could surrounded by cherry blossom trees lush forests and beautiful farms littered along the fertile volcanic landscapes and while you’d probably expect a cluster of islands roughly the size of california with three times the population to be cluttered and dirty japan is anything but the cities are clean safe and modern and operate efficiently with excellent public transportation insanely quick internet speeds and an amazing blend of ancient history and modern architecture speaking of which despite it being the largest city in the world the capital tokyo is also the safest city in the world that’s because everything japan does it does well which is the value it also instills in its citizens who are always encouraged to aim upwards in their careers and constantly innovate however while this may increase the likelihood of being successful it also creates a massive stress and mental health issue so sure the japanese are very rich and have the second best education system but they also live in the fourth most expensive country and are too busy with work to focus on the simpler things in life like settling down and starting a family which has created a disproportionate elderly population although a positive to this is that the health care is amazing

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number three Switzerland just look at this view do I need to say more number two okay I’m kidding but honestly, every inch of this country is jaw-droppingly gorgeous but Switzerland isn’t

number three just for the beautiful alps dazzling glaciers azure lakes and stunning valleys it’s not even number three for the incredible diversity in each of the canton’s rich culture and history amazing healthcare and public transit systems or awesome castles switzerland is also the third happiest country in the world with the second highest quality of life third least amount of corruption and an extremely high life expectancy of 84 years not to mention this is the absolute safest nation on earth which makes a lot of sense given its non-violent culture and neutral stance during war the people here are highly involved and vote on virtually every issue in direct democracy style which they can be trusted to do since their education system is excellent with the universities being ranked as the second best in the world this in addition to the low taxes helps switzerland maintain its strong economy highly skilled workforce and extremely low unemployment rate of just 3.4 percent but while Switzerland’s the third most productive country and has an insanely high annual income of nearly 85 000 us dollars a year per resident it’s also the most expensive nation to live in that’s pretty much the only reason it isn’t number one

number two australia ah the land down under aka the topsy-turvy world where kangaroos can kick your face in and spiders reign from the sky is it a country is it a continent maybe a country net i’m not entirely sure but what i am sure of is that crocodile sharks and box jellyfish aside australia still manages to be one of the safest countries on earth and not only is it safe it’s incredibly rich too with an annual gdp per capita of 57 000 us dollars the highest after tax minimum wage of nine dollars and 54 cents and an average income of 64 000 us dollars a year and with the most efficient health care system high life expectancy of 84 years excellent schools with some of the best universities in the world super fun and laid-back lifestyle and a government that genuinely cares about its citizens it’s no wonder why so many people are moving here with the population increasing by around 1.3 percent each year despite all these new residents however australia still has an extremely low population density of just 3.2 people per square kilometer so you get this big beautiful geographically diverse nation teaming with rainforests deserts mountains coral reefs and some of the most beautiful beaches on this planet all to yourself well unless you just stay in the cities but even then melbourne and sydney are actually both among the top five best cities to live in the world now before we get to number one make sure you leave a like and subscribe and let me know what you think the best country is in the comments and since there were so many amazing countries that just barely missed making this list some more honorable mentions in no particular order are iceland ireland united kingdom netherlands belgium luxembourg austria france united arab emirates and the united states yeah the usa didn’t make the list even with everything america does right like the best economy in the world and a high median household income we’re still far behind many other countries when it comes to health safety corruption quality of life stress levels life expectancy and overall happiness but without further ado on to number one number one norway norway is just doing something right man actually it’s doing pretty much everything right nestled amongst the mountainous fjords beneath some of the crispiest cleanest and most unpolluted skies norway is simply breathtaking well technically more like breath giving and the norwegians certainly have plenty of time to enjoy their surroundings since they only work 27 hours a week but despite the fact that norwegians work less they’re also the second most productive country in the world with an incredibly high average annual income of 81 000 us dollars and they certainly do get a lot done not only if they maintain the highest standard of living for 13 consecutive years but they’re also the third safest and happiest country on the planet and although the government does gain much of its wealth by exporting petroleum and gas norway itself is extremely clean and eco-friendly with the highest number of electric cars per capita in the world not to mention the purest drinking water and one of the best healthcare systems on earth there just isn’t much norway doesn’t do well and that’s why it’s the best country to live in for 2020.

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