Top 10 Most Dangerous Railways in The World

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1. Georgetown loop railroad

Georgetown loop railroad - Dangerous Railways
Georgetown loop railroad

number One; Georgetown loop railroad USA located in the rocky mountains in colorado. the Georgetown loop railroad is a four-and-a-half-mile-long stretch of track. that takes passengers 640 feet up into the mountains through spectacular.

but; treacherous terrain opened in 1877 it was an astonishing accomplishment for the time the railway is twice the length of the real-world distance. it covers because to traverse the landscape.

it’s made up of a series of horseshoe curves gradients of up to four percent and 4 bridges across clear creek one of which is known as the devil’s gate high bridge and is one of the most terrifying and incredible railway bridges in the world to finish it off is the loop that gives the railroad.

its name which turns back around at the top of the gorge since the land wasn’t anywhere near flat enough to build this curve engineer instead constructed a 95-foot tall trestle that the tracks were laid upon something that’s largely remained untouched since it was first put in place.

there more than 120 years ago; while the line was originally used to help support mines in the area. it soon became more known as a tourist attraction and despite. being closed for almost half of the 20th century it reopened in 1984 and now welcomes tens of thousands of visitors each year. Friends it’s One Of The Dangerous Railways


2. Qinghai Tibet railway

Qinghai Tibet railway - Dangerous Railways
Qinghai Tibet railway

number Two; the Qinghai Tibet railway china Tibet connecting Xining and the Qinghai province of china with Lhasa in the Tibet autonomous region of china the Qinghai Tibet railway holds the record as having the highest section of operational railroad in the world.

it covers a distance of 1200 miles and was a massive undertaking to build it was done in two sections the first of which was completed in 1984 and the second which took a further 22 years before. it opened due to its extreme altitude and likely because of political reasons Tibet was the last part of china to be connected with a railway and some of the statistics are almost unbelievable. This Dangerous Railway Is very Interesting

the angular pass is the highest point on the railway reaching sixteen thousand six hundred and forty feet above sea level while at an elevation of sixteen thousand six hundred and twenty-seven feet the tegula station is the highest station in the world.

there’s also the Fengulshan tunnel which is the highest railway tunnel in the world and 16 093 feet above sea level there are 675 bridges along the road and at least 340 miles of track that’s laid on top of permafrost beyond the engineering challenges of building the railway only special trains can travel along with it the altitude means that oxygen levels in the air are much lower.

so; each train has a doctor on board and a personal oxygen supply for each passenger in case they encounter difficulties you also have to sign a waiver before boarding to say that you understand the risks of high altitude travel but despite these precautions, there have been several known fatalities over the past few years that are linked with oxygen deficiencies.


3. Pilatus railway


number Three; Pilatus railway Switzerland the Pilatus railway in Switzerland connects alpnoxdad. which is next to lake alpnock with the station at the Essel summit at an elevation of 6 800 feet first opened in 1889. for steam trains and then reopened in 1937 for electric trains.

it climbs a vertical distance of 5300 feet along a stretch of line that’s just 2.8 miles long to do this it travels at inclines of up to 48 with an average of 35 percent which makes it easily the steepest rack railway in the world the rack system which involves a series of teeth between the rails.

that the train climbs up with a cogwheel ensures that the trains will only move in the desired direction and means that there aren’t any points or switches on the line like there are with other conventional railways. the rails were all secured on solid rock with iron ties ensuring they stay firmly in place without any need for ballast while this all sounds safe in theory.

the thing that makes this railway so potentially dangerous is its age the rack rails in use are still the original ones that were laid more than a century ago and when engineers realized. they were beginning to wear away their solution was to simply turn the rails over onto the other side.

because; of the increase of sliding the railway is only operational between May and October each year when snowfall is at a minimum and there are plans in the near future to replace everything to ensure it remains fit for purpose for at least the next 100 years.

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4. make long railway in Thailand

make long railway in thailand - Dangerous Railways
make long railway Thailand

number Four; make a long railway in  Thailand to make the longest railway in Thailand. is the primary route connect wonglion and Bangkok with Samut Songkran in the central region of the country. covering a distance of 42 miles is actually split into two sections.

because; of the vast tachin river that carves through the landscape and the only way to get to between the stations on either bank of the river is by boat while the vast majority of the line has been built along flat ground. through sparsely populated areas.

there’s one section that seems absolutely crazy to visitors from other countries and it’s why it’s regarded as so potentially dangerous. that’s because; it passes through the make long railway market which is one of the country’s largest fresh seafood markets and is built up around the actual track.

it is the nickname talat ram hope which means umbrella pull-down market because when a train reaches the stretch of track the stall owners pack up their things and move further away from the rails while.

it passes before putting them back in place once the train is gone with 17 trains passing in each direction per day and there being no signals on the entire length of the line all it would take is one mistake and the results could be deadly the only counter to this is that it’s also one of the slowest moving trains in the world with an average speed along the line of just 18 and a half miles per hour we are constantly adding more people.


5. Kuranda scenic railway Australia

Kuranda scenic railway Australia - Dangerous Railways
Kuranda Scenic Railway Trestle, Queensland, Australia

number Five; Kuranda scenic railway Australia opened in 1891 and operating virtually constantly since then to this day the Kuranda scenic railway is a 23-mile long route that travels between the city of Cairns and Queensland Australia and the inland town of parranda between the two is the great dividing range the largest mountain range in Australia and the fifth-largest non-oceanic mountain range in the world which means the railway takes a winding and treacherous route to get to its destination it took more than five years to build and includes 15 hand-built tunnels and 37 bridges all of which take it from sea level at the start to an altitude of 1100 feet an unknown

number of workers died during construction and the same dangers they face still pose a risk to trains that travel along the track in 2010 for instance a train was derailed and five passengers were seriously injured when a landslide dropped several tons of rock onto the track as the train was passing through still despite these risks it’s seen as one of the most beautiful and scenic railroads in the whole world and is now only used for tourism purposes since an alternative faster and more reliable route was built for freight and passenger services.


6. aso minami route japan

aso minami route japan - Dangerous Railways
aso minami route japan

number six; aso Minami route japan. japan is known for having the most reliable and fastest train network in the world so much so that if a train does ever run late the drivers are often relieved of their jobs and all passengers are given cards as proof for their workplaces.

that their reason for being late is true but while this is the case for urban and inter-city services the rail lines in rural japan are on an equal footing to what you’d expect to see elsewhere in the world and in some cases seem incredibly dangerous the asomiami route is the best example of this opened in 1928

it travels between tetanus station in Minami Aso and Takamori station in Takamori at just 11 miles long it doesn’t look too treacherous on a map but that’s before you realize that directly between the two stations is mount asso a historically active volcano and the train line goes right around it there aren’t many railroads in the world where a volcanic eruption is a legitimate risk.

but; you only need to see the flattened trees around the track that have fallen victim to lava flows in recent years the railway has actually been completely shut while repairs are carried out but on this occasion, it wasn’t as a result of a volcano but because of a powerful series of earthquakes that struck the region in 2016.


7. Utica Tuccio south Africa with rail lines around

utica Tuccio south Africa with rail lines around
Utica Tuccio south Africa with rail lines around

number Seven; Utica Tuccio south Africa with rail lines around the rest of the world South Africa once had a vast network of steam-powered locomotives but as the lines were electrified the site of a steam tram became increasingly rare the last remaining one was the otiniko chute and the reason why its line was never fitted with electric cables was that the route was so treacherous connecting the towns of George and Jinnah in the country’s western province.

its 42 mile stretch of track that passes by some of the most stunning scenery in South Africa has to offer it follows a spectacular section of the garden route along the coastline and finally crosses the part that it’s most famous for a huge bridge that crosses a lagoon.

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before; reaching kidnap this and several other bridges along its path are what makes it such a potentially dangerous route simply because very little has been done to maintain them since.

they have first finished almost a century ago nowadays the route is only used for tourist trips which means. it receives even less investment than the commuter railway but fortunately, incidents on the line remain relatively rare.


8. veracruz mexico veracruz

Veracruz Mexico Veracruz
Veracruz Mexico Veracruz

number Eight; Veracruz Mexico Veracruz is one of the 32 states of Mexico and covers a large stretch of the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico it’s an important region to the country’s economy particularly for the climate that’s so good for growing crops.

but; it’s also become known in recent years as a hot spot for gang activity the trains that travel the railways in the region are known to carry wealthier passengers or potentially valuable cargo so it’s one of the most likely places in the world where you might find yourself in the middle of a train hijacking in December of 2020, for example, a train heading through el cutting on

its way to the port city of Veracruz with a consignment of Volkswagen cars to export was derailed after the train tracks were sabotaged the culprits had removed more than six feet of the track so the train had no chance some of the cars were completely flipped over and others fell down a ravine luckily no one was injured.

that can’t be said for many of the other incidents that happened on the railways there with regular armed hijackings by local militia the best advice if you’re traveling through the region is to think long and hard about whether you really want to do so by rail. guys It’s One OF The Dangerous Railways.


9. Pemban bridge India

pamban bridge India
pamban bridge India

number Nine; pemban bridge India the pamban bridge in India which opened in 1914 was the first sea bridge to be built in India and connects pamban island with the mainland and the town of mandapam it was a marvel of engineering at the time with the majority of the track laid on a bridge on 143 concrete pillars but with a section halfway along.

it that’s a double-leaf vascular bridge which means it can be raised to allow ships to pass through the entire bridge itself is 6 700 feet long and is 41 feet above the water line and until the late 1980s was the main connection between the island and the mainland as time progressed once it had opened it became clear that the design had meant trains traveling along the route were at risk of dangers.

however; in particular what happens when a storm moves in with a flat ocean around there are no natural formations to break up the wind so it’s able to whip the sea up and in some cases create waves that crash over the bridge any train. that’s on there at the time would almost certainly be washed into the water. so; it’s unable to operate even.

if there’s a slight chance of unfavorable weather there have been several times in the bridge’s history where a storm has caused such significant damage that it’s been forced to close for extended periods of time and the worst event happened in 1964 when a 25-foot storm surge struck which overturned the train and killed all 150 passengers on board.


10. Burma railway Thailand


number Ten; the Burma railway Thailand the Burma railway which is often referred to as the death railway is, unfortunately, the route in the world that has caused.

the greatest loss of life covers the 258-mile distance between ban pong and Thailand and tanbusyad in Burma and was built by the empire of japan during the second world war to transport troops and weaponry to the Burma campaign.

they were so desperate to build it quickly that they used slave labor and paid very little attention to the conditions these people were kept in as many as a quarter of a million civilian laborers from Southeast Asia were forced to work on the project along with 60 000 allied prisoners and the death toll was unforgivable.It’s One Of The Most Dangerous Railways in The World

it’s believed that as many as 90 000 southeast Asian civilians died during its construction along with a further 12 000 prisoners mostly due to beatings by the Japanese guards and illnesses brought on by the unsanitary conditions.

they were forced to live in today if you travel along a line you’ll see countless memorials to those that lost their lives there in an attempt to never forget what happened and to never let something like that ever happen again.


Huys These ARE Top 10 Most Dangerous Railways in The World


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