Top 15 Most Unique Beaches In The World

Top 15 Most Unique Beaches In The World!!!


This Article 15 most unique beaches on earth


15.Solana Beach

14.vada Beach Maldives sand beach

12.Papakolea beach Beach

10.slot near at beach

9.cathedral beach

8.d’argent Seychelles often voted sand beach

5.whitehaven beach

4.the bomb blast beach sand beach

2. hot water beach

1.Pfeiffer Beach



15.Solana Beach


Solana Beach
Solana Beach


number 15 you Solana Beach Iceland your salon is a huge glacial lake in the vatnajökull National Park Iceland and is home to one of the most bizarre beaches you’ll ever see due to the continuous melting of the nearby glaciers it’s constantly increasing in size and is now four times the size

it was in the 1970s with a constant supply of icebergs floating in the water the geographical features that form here are breathtaking most spectacular is Diamond Beach which has made up of fine

particles of black volcanic rock here pieces of crystallized ice are washed ashore from the lake and at certain times of day when the light is right, it feels like you’ve been transported to an entirely different world!



14.vada Beach Maldives


vada Beach Maldives
vada Beach Maldives


number fourteen vada Beach Maldives is also known as the sea of stars vada Beach is one of the most entrancing places on earth thanks to the abundance of bioluminescent plankton that live in the coastal waters the island itself is tiny with only 500 permanent residents

it was one of the most popular places in the Maldives because of this naturally occurring phenomenon the glow of the plankton is actually a defensive measure and is triggered by nearby movement this means that the crash of the waves are even the soft press of a footprint is enough to trigger

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it and if you’re there in the evening or at night the effect is awe-inspiring similar things can be seen on a few other beaches in the world during certain seasons but at Vadhu it’s visible only around sand beach


red sand beach
red sand beach


number thirteen the red sand beach Galapagos the Galapagos Islands are well known for their unique biodiversity but it’s not just the plants on the wildlife that are unusual the geographical features are unlike anywhere else on earth – on Rabida island thanks to

its volcanic coastline the beaches aren’t covered in the white sand you might expect but they are a deep rich red color the reason for this is of the high levels of iron

that are present after countless eruptions over the millennia it makes for a stunning view out across the surrounding waters and if you ever make the trip there you’ll find yourself in good company with large herds of sea lions and colonies of blue-footed boobies brown pelicans and finches that call this place Haller


12.Papakolea beach



Papakolea beach
Papakolea beach

number twelve Papakolea beach Hawaii when you think of an ideal beach you’ll probably picture either perfectly white or golden yellow sand but what about green there are four known naturally green beaches in the world but the most impressive can be found on the Big Island in Hawaii

Papakolea Beach is in a bay that’s formed by a volcanic cone and was formed around forty-nine thousand years ago rather than being the result of algae or die the sand is this unusual color because it has been formed by naturally green rocks when volcanoes erupt

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they release various minerals one of the most common of which is Olvia which contains both iron and magnesium it’s one of the first to crystallize as magma cools and this is what gives the green color because the iron is present in ferrous form Beach


Glass Beach
Glass Beach


number eleven glass Beach California you usually think of a beach as being made up of sand or stones there’s one in California that’s completely different

because; it’s actually completely covered in glass located close to Fort Bragg this is the result of years and years of garbage disposal along

the nearby coastline the crashing waves pummeled the glass and pottery and turned them into small smooth rounded pieces that were then washed ashore

the beach is therefore completely safe to walk along and a vibrant blend of color jewelry makers often go there to find parts for their designs and it’s such a beautiful place that more than 1000 people visited per day during the summer months

the Maine Glass Beach along with two others nearby prove just how much of an impact human waste disposal can have on an ecosystem but at the same time shows that it’s not necessary they always such a bad thing



10.slot nearat beach

slot near at beach
slot near at beach



number 10 slot near at beach Croatia also known as the Golden Cape slot near at beach is one of the best you can visit in the Mediterranean and amazingly each time you go it’ll always be slightly different

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that’s because the spit of land which is about a mile to the west of the town of the ball is subjected to strong ocean currents that are continually reshaping it most of the land is covered with white pebbles to form a 2080 foot Long Beach but in the center, there’s a pine grove that conceals the remains of a Roman villa and

it’s still operating swimming pool the far end of the beach which points south is where the most changes occur it usually curls in an easterly direction but during certain winds, in the summer

it’ll completely shift to the west surrounded by cool ocean waters this Beach is one of the most popular in Croatia and is the perfect place to relax when temperatures soar


9.cathedral beach


cathedral beach
cathedral beach


number 9 cathedral beach Spain it may seem like an unusual name to have but once you see what cathedral beach looks like it’ll all soon become clear

it’s on the northwestern coast of Spain and in the local language is called the Praia de Augustana which means beach of the holy waters the cliff face here has been subjected to the powerful forces of the Atlantic Ocean which have carved

the rock in a way that looks almost like a gothic architecture so the arches these processes have formed are more than 90 feet tall and the coastal walls are littered with cracks that serve as the entrances to hidden caves behind it’s undoubtedly one of the most stunning beaches in the world and in an added twist during low tide

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you can walk through during the high tide to the area is completely underwater and provides an equally impressive opportunity for a boat ride through the arches before we move on be sure to subscribe to top 5s with notifications on


8.d’argent Seychelles often voted


8.d'argent Seychelles often voted
d’argent Seychelles often voted


number 8 on source d’argent Seychelles often voted the most beautiful beach in the world and easily one of the most photographed on source d’argent is truly an otherworldly paradise

it’s on the island of la DJ in Seychelles and is surrounded by emerald color clear warm water and has fine perfectly white sand the thing that makes this place truly unique though is the presence of huge granite boulders along the shoreline

they’ve been smooth by the action of the waves and the sand that’s blown in the wind and they look simply magical images don’t do this place justice as they look as if they’ve been painted and it’s only when you set foot on the beach that you see how real

it is added to this the rich biodiversity in the water with large numbers of fish and turtles that can be seen from the shoreline and it’s virtually guaranteed that you’ll never want to leave sand beach


star sand beach
star sand beach


number 7 star sand beach Japan at first when you walk across the sandy beaches of Taketomi island in Japan you might not think there’s anything too different from other beaches you visited

but; if you take a closer look you’ll soon realize this Beach is one of the most unusual in the world that’s because here mixed in with the sand particles are the husks of millions upon millions of tiny organisms called foramina ferrah and the particular species that are native to the waters are star-shaped in appearance

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if you pick up just a small handful of sand you’ll have hundreds of stars in your hand which is why this place is commonly referred to as the star sand beach this isn’t the only beach in the area where you can see this although it’s by far the largest next time someone asks you if there are more grains of sand on the beach or stars in the sky

then remember this beach in Japan as it proves the answer isn’t quite as simple as it first seems nor six Benegal see cave beach Portugal if you’ve been searching for somewhere with crystal clear water perfect sand and isolation from the rest of the world then the Benegal sea cave beach in Portugal is ideal it’s on the Algarve and thanks to the soft rock formations in the area the tidal forces have carved incredible structures with arches and a giant skylight with a beach nestled inside

it’s almost looks as if Neptune himself created this idyllic getaway and it provides the perfect relaxing retreat when the Sun shines in it illuminates the amber whose and the layered walls and is much larger inside than you think when looking at it from a distance the thing that makes it special is that you can’t simply walk there the only way to access it is through one of the arches in the sea this means you need a kayak or a boat to get there and there’s never too many people who have made the trip on any given day

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5.whitehaven beach


whitehaven beach
Whitehaven beach


number five Whitehaven beach Australia if you’re looking for crystal white sands and turquoise-colored sea then there’s simply no better place in the world to visit than Whitehaven beach the 4.3 miles long stretch of coastline is on Whitsunday island in Australia which is amongst the Great Barrier Reef and means the water is teeming with life the reason

why the sand is so spectacular is because of its extremely high silica content unusually none of the local rocks contain silica so it’s thought that all of the sand has been washed in by sea currents over millions of years this has made it take on properties far different from what you might be used to and it’s known for its inability to absorb heat so no matter how hot the day is you’ll still be able to walk across the beach

barefoot without any problems it’s so finely ground though that it has a habit of getting everywhere and can cause particular problems for electronic equipment it’s rumored though that the sand is such good quality that was actually used by NASA to produce the glass for the Hubble Space Telescope in the 1970s aerial shots of the bay are stunning and show the way the ocean is pushing

the sand up into the cove it’s now such an important place for local tourism that rules are in place to help preserve it for years to come while you are allowed to have a barbecue as long as you take all the trash home with your dogs and smoking are expressly banned to prevent the sand from becoming tarnished

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4.the bomb blast beach


the bomb blast beach
the bomb blast beach


number four the bomb blast beach Mexico most beaches have been formed over thousands of years for the action of the waves lashing against the coast there’s one in Mexico that was created much more recently and rather than being a product of nature this one has its roots in human activity located in Puerto Vallarta on the Marietta islands

which are just a few miles off the coast of Mexico playa de Amor which means Love Beach has become increasingly popular over the last few years thanks to its stunning vistas and perfect Instagram of us the hidden beach lies within a strange shaped opening in the ground and if this doesn’t look to you as a natural feature

then you’d be right the islands used to be a testing ground for the Mexican military and this is a crater formed by the detonation of a bomb the only way to access

it is by a short swim through a tunnel and while you’re there you’ll witness countless different species of marine wildlife like humpback whales dolphins and manta rays with such escalating interest from visitors wanting their own chance to relax on the secluded island authorities have stepped in to ensure the beach is preserved as the island chain has also been designated as a protective Nature Reserve

you must have a permit to even travel to the island and the number that are granted each year are strictly limited if you’re lucky enough to get one through this is guaranteed to be an experience that you’ll never forget

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pink sand beach
pink sand beach


number three pink sand beach Bahamas the Bahamas are known for their incredible weather as your waters and perfect beaches but there’s one place that’s become famous for the way

it stands out above the rest on the coast of Harbor Island is a beach where instead of being white or golden yellow the sand has a slight pink tint to it you may have seen images of this before and assume that the pink hues are a result of camera trickery while it’s true that visitors often add filters to try to make the beach appear far more vivid than it is in real life

the true color is still quite impressive the effect is present along the entire three-mile-long and 100-foot wide beach and it happened because of a specific species of animal that lives on the reef called foramen Affero these microscopic insects feed off the coral and have shells that are either bright pink or red in color they’re one of the most prevalent organisms in the ocean

but because harbor island is surrounded by such a vast reef that’s not far offshore it has one of the densest populations of this particular pink colored species in the world once they’ve reached the end of their lives the currents and waves crush the shells and wash them ashore when they’re mixed in with sand and pieces of coral on the beach the color is most pronounced at the water’s edge along

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the sand and while technically you’re walking across crushed remains of small insects a trip to this beach has to be on the bucket list of any self-respecting world traveler


2. hot water beach


hot water beach
hot water beach


number two hot water beach New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with such mountainous and lush landscapes

it’s no wonder that so many movies choose it as the place for filming this far more to the country than the peaks and forests though and hot water beach which is on the Coromandel Peninsula is one of the most popular tourist destinations located just over a hundred miles from the city of Auckland it’s estimated that as many as 700,000 people make the trip

there each year New Zealand is covered in hot spots of geothermal vents and that’s what causes the unique environment on this beach the Waikato region where is full of pools and salt flats and the beach offers one of the most unusual interactions visitors can have with hot springs two hours either side of low tide you can dig into the sand and release water which continues to bubble up and can be used to create your very own pool

there are two underground fissures where the water flows from and the water can reach temperatures of up to 147 degrees Fahrenheit large groups of people will often work together to make huge hot tubs in the sand and it’s such a popular and easy activity that there are even kiosks on the beach where you can hire a shovel to dig out your own design while you may not immediately think of going to a beach on a cold or rainy day

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this place is certainly an exception because that’s almost the ideal conditions to visit there are however warnings in place for anyone wanting to dig a pool and that’s to be very careful you’re thinking of swimming in the ocean there are powerful Riptide and deep water currents which means that however tempting

it may be to take a dip to cool off there are only specific parts of the beach that are safe to do so nevertheless if you love digging holes on the beach and relaxing and hot geothermal waters there’s nowhere else in the world that’s quite like it so if you’re in the area it’s well worth a visit


1.Pfeiffer Beach


Pfeiffer Beach California
Pfeiffer Beach California


number one Pfeiffer Beach California Pfeiffer beach is on the coast of Big Sur in California and it’s one of the most unusual beaches in the continental US rather than having golden or white sand the deposits

there have a distinct purple coloration to it which leads to the formation of some incredible patterns and shapes not all of the sand is this color which further adds to the beauty of it the waves continually move

it around and no two days are ever the same the reason it is because the presence of manganese garnet in the rocks and cliffs around the beach and the action of the sea against them both makes it crumble away grinds it into fine sand and then deposits

it onto the beach is accessible all throughout the year but for a particularly special time it’s best seen during sunrise or sunset


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