Top 5 Places to visit in Sri Lanka

Hello Guys! In this Post I will introduce you to my personal top 5 things to do in Sri Lanka. They shouldn’t be missed as they represent what makes this country so special: exotic wildlife, impressive landscapes, places full of history and the popular Ceylon tea So: Let’s explore! The rock fortress of Sigiriya is probably one of the most impressive sights in Sri Lanka. You can climb up to the top and explore the ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage site and admire the great view you have from there. When in Sri Lanka you shouldn’t miss a wildlife Safarig. A visit to one of the many national parks is a Must. The most diversity can be seen in the Yala Nationalpark which is the 2nd largest of the island and also one of the best spots in the world to observe leopards in the Wild. Let’s head into the north east of the country to Trincomalee. Pigeon Island is one of 2 marine national parks with a beautiful coral reef located right at the shores of the island which is perfect for snorkeling. The Kaudulla National Park is located close to Habarana which makes it possible to combine a trip with a visit to Sigiriya.The reason to visit the park are the elephant safaris where you can spot huge gatherings of elephants from your Jeep. The tea region should be on your list and you don’t need to be a tea lover to enjoy it as the surroundings are stunning too. The original Ceylon tea tastes slightly different in this surrounding. I can tell! 😉 And there you have it: if you want to come well-prepared make sure to check Have you been to Sri Lanka yourself? Tell us your favorite spot in the comment section!

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