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pyramids of the past and the present today we’ll be taking a look at the top 8 tallest existing pyramids on the planet earth.


  • 8.Jose pyramid

  • 7.pyramid of king Menkaure

  • 6.the pyramid of the sun

  • 5.the great pyramid of Cholula

  • 4.the red pyramid

  • 3.the great pyramid of Giza

  • 2.the Transamerica pyramid

  • 1.the shard


8.Jose pyramid


Jose pyramidJose pyramid
Jose pyramid


number Eight Jose pyramid an architect named Imhotep designed the pyramid more than 4 600 years ago to house the coffin of pharaoh Jose he decided for the first time to build up he devised a new structure made of six layers of stone that got smaller as they ascended

the final product was meant to be a stairway to heaven the pyramid was built for the Egyptian pharaoh Jose who ruled for 19 years during ancient Egypt’s third dynasty before; him pharaohs were buried in tombs made of rectangular mud-brick slabs but; Jose got something grander over the centuries its condition deteriorated due to the effects of time neglect fierce winds and serious damage sustained in the 1992 earthquake the restoration took

14 years and almost 7 million dollars to complete the joseph pyramid was built about 4 600 years ago between 2667 and 2648 bc and are the oldest large-scale stone monument still standing it’s situated in the Sukhoi necropolis which is the largest pyramid-related funerary complex in the world about 11.6 million cubic feet of stone and clay were used before this building was made from wood mud brick and reeds.


7.pyramid of king Menkaure


pyramid of king Menkaure
pyramid of king Menkaure


number Seven the pyramid of king Menkaure the pyramid king Menkaure is the third largest of the major pyramids of Giza rising to 213 feet above the ground at its point Manka Auray’s pyramid chambers are more complex than the others at Giza and include a chamber carved with decorative panels and other chambers with six large niches the burial chamber is lined with massive granite blocks

the stunning diet of the king with his primary queen Kameron Neberty ii now in the museum of fine arts Boston as well as a number of triads showing the king being embraced by various deities were discovered in the valley temple and were originally set up surrounding the open court

this temple was still an active place of cult late in the old kingdom it was almost entirely rebuilt at the end of the sixth dynasty after it was heavily damaged by a flood his black stone sarcophagus also carved with niched panels was discovered inside but was lost at sea as it was being transported to England.


6.the pyramid of the sun


the pyramid of the sun
the pyramid of the sun


number Six the pyramid of the sun was built in 100 and is one of the largest structures of its type in the western hemisphere the pyramid rises 216 feet above ground level and it measures approximately 720 by 760 feet at its base

it was constructed mainly using Tasanto a red course volcanic rock native to the area during hastily organized restoration work in 1905 through 1910 the architect Leopoldo Batres arbitrarily added the fifth terrace and many of the original facing stones were removed debate continues over the actual purpose of the pyramid itself in the early 1970s exploration below the pyramid revealed a system of caves and tunnel chambers and other tunnels were later found throughout

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the city further discoveries were made in the ensuing decades in 2011 archaeologists working under the pyramid center reported finding a cache containing shards of clay pots pieces of obsidian animal bones three greenstone human figurines and a green stone mask in addition walls of what appeared to be three earlier buildings.

were uncovered in 2013 workers had discovered a covered pit but ain’t the platform that forms the pyramid summit within the pit were two pillars and what was described as a figure of the god Huawei Tejas a deity found in the pantheons of several mesoamerican civilizations.


5.the great pyramid of Cholula


the great pyramid of Cholula
the great pyramid of Cholula


number Five the great pyramid of Cholula known to natives as Flachihua to petal stands 55 meters or 180 feet above the surrounding plain and in its final form it measured 400 by 400 meters or 1300 by 1300 feet its base is four times larger than that of Giza the Egyptian great pyramid that’s almost twice the volume this actually makes it the world’s largest monument ever built

the temple was built to honor Quetzalcoatl the feathered serpent and Aztec god of wind and learning creator of all mankind after they dedicated such a huge monument to the god they built a holy city around it the pyramid was built with adobe a brick-like building material made out of baked mud adobe is among the earliest building materials used across the world.

they’re especially sturdy in Mexico’s dry climate at this particular site adobe bricks were made by mixing mud with materials such as straw or sand and smoothed out to allow decorations and paintings adobe can become mushy and falter in rainy climates but in dry hot climates, they can last for thousands of years as was the case here.


4.the red pyramid


the red pyramid
the red pyramid

number Four the red pyramid after the great pyramid of Khufu at Giza the red pyramid at dasher has the largest base of any pyramid in Egypt only slightly smaller than Khufu’s pyramid each side measuring 722 feet however with its sides sloping at 43 degrees

it’s substantially shorter at 343 feet it’s the fourth highest pyramid ever built in Egypt with almost 160 layers of stone significantly the red pyramid was the first successful true cased pyramid built in Egypt ushering in the era of the Giza style pyramids the pyramid gets its common name from the reddish limestone used to build most of its core but also sometimes referred to as the shining or northern pyramid learning from prior mistakes several layers of fine white limestone were used to lay the pyramid’s foundation thus eliminating structural problems of earlier pyramids


3.the great pyramid of Giza


the great pyramid of giza
the great pyramid of Giza

number three the great pyramid of Giza until the Eiffel tower was completed in Paris France in 1889 the great pyramid was the tallest structure made by human hands in the world.

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recorded hell for over 3000 years and one unlikely to be broken the pyramid rises to a height of 479 feet with a base of 230 meters and comprises of over 2 million blocks of stone once the interior was completed.

the whole of the pyramid was covered in white limestone which would have shown brilliantly and been visible from every direction from miles around the site as impressive as the great pyramid is today one must recognize.

that it is a monument in ruin as the limestone long ago fell away and was utilized as a building material for the city of Cairo just as the nearby city of ancient Memphis was the workers who accomplished this were skilled and unskilled laborers hired by the state for the project.

these workers either volunteered their efforts to pay off a debt for community service or were compensated for their time although slavery was an institution practice in ancient Egypt no slaves Hebrews or otherwise was used in creating the monument.


2.the Transamerica pyramid


the Transamerica pyramid
the Transamerica pyramid

number Two the Transamerica pyramid constructed in 1972 the Transamerica building was originally met by public outcry and residents claiming that san Francisco was no place for an obelisk-shaped skyscraper its unique shape was actually built for environmental practicality in order to let natural light and airflow reach

the already crowded streets of San Francisco the top of the Transamerica Pyramid is covered with aluminum panels during the Christmas holiday season on independence day and during the anniversary of 9 11 a bright twinkling beacon called the crown jewel is lit at the top of the pyramid it was the tallest building in San Francisco from 1972 until 2018 and is still the 41st

the tallest building in the united states the building has 48 floors of office space 3 700 windows which pivot 360 degrees to clean from the inside and the tips of the wings of the building are actually the tops of the elevator shafts at both ends of the tower pretty cool engineering for a building that’s almost 40 years old.



the shard
the shard

number One the shard is a 95 story skyscraper in south work London standing 1016 feet high the shard is the tallest building in the united kingdom the fourth tallest building in Europe and the 105th tallest building in the world

it’s also the second tallest freestanding structure in the united kingdom after the concrete tower at the Emily Moore transmitting station Renzo piano the project’s architect designed the shard as a spire-like sculpture emerging from the river Thames he was inspired by the railway lines next to the site the London spires depicted by the 18th-century Venetian painter Canaletto and the masts of sailing ships an impressive 95 of the construction materials are recycled.

the total floor space is 1.2 million square feet there are 44 elevators including double-decker lifts they travel at speeds of up to 6 meters a second there are 306 flights of stairs the length of the wiring in the building 200 miles would stretch from London to Paris on a one-way ticket its eleven thousand glass panels have a total area of six hundred and two thousand square feet which equals eight soccer fields end to end

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