Top Interesting Facts About Georgia Country

Interesting Facts About Georgia Country

hey, guys in this Post we’re See about Georgia from the Black Sea to the Caucasus Mountains!

the country of Georgia is packed with stunning landscapes that intrigue you in cities and centuries of history and now it has become a tourist destination today the population of the country is 3 million and 700,000 people to fully appreciated.


Georgia Country
Georgia Country


what Georgia was able to achieve since it became independent you got to know what it was like just 20 years ago and back then the average salary was about $50 a month crime was rampant and in some areas electricity was available just two hours per day than in 2003 came the Rose Revolution and the opposition party of Mikhail


Saakashvili came to power and that was the beginning of the new Georgia upon arrival first thing is going to surprise you is the road infrastructure they built modern highways connected major cities the highway system doesn’t cover all the cities yet but they’re getting there along.

the roads you see modern rest areas with restaurants and even wind turbines second thing that’s going to surprise you is the police you’re familiar with ex-USSR countries you know that bribes and corruption are ubiquitous and Georgia was no exception!

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Georgia Country
Georgia Country


until they did a police reform and the public trust and the law enforcement skyrocketed to 87% from just 5% the old police staff was let go and the new police officers were recruited today they can even speak English which is helpful third is the lack of bureaucracy actually Georgia is now the sixth country in the world in ease of doing business rankings even ahead of the US Britain and Norway Wow paperwork has been reduced to a minimum and selling your apartment is going to take less than one hour fourth they put a lot of effort into the development of international tourism just 15 years ago part anybody knew about places like Haiti and spaghetti but it’s all changed now.

let’s take a look at some exciting parts of Georgia if you love wine then you’re gonna love this eastern region of Georgia no Nazca Hedy it’s rich in history and there are many beautiful churches and castles so we went to the east of Tbilisi and this region is famous for its winemaking as you can see all these vineyards let me show you this castle that we came to see Haiti and especially the lasagna valley is the biggest wine region of Georgia and it’s considered

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the cradle of wine there are hundreds of small and large wineries almost anywhere you go you’ll be invited to taste a glass of wine the town of signage located on a steep hill overlooks the vast a lasagna valley and it’s famous for its picturesque landscapes and narrow cobblestone streets if you love mountains you’ve got to visit this other destination kiss begin the road from the capital city of Tbilisi to Kazbegi is known;

Georgia Country
Georgia Country



as the Georgian military road and it’s very picturesque you’ll be passing gin valley water reservoir the dam was built in 1986 creating a beautiful artificial lake with a perfect blue surface on a new era castle an old fortress that was constructed in the 18th century it might be one of the most beautiful churches in Georgia here surprisingly we met some Chinese newlyweds and not only Chinese for that matter there are two rivers flowing along with the Georgian military road black and white Iraq v rivers the confluence of these rivers is at a place called Panna worried really beautiful and unique as you move further

you’re gonna end up in Gouda War II it’s the most famous Georgian ski resort this key season here lasts from December to April Hayley scheme is also available and did I mention spa treatments paragliding and Cuban Goethe Murray has more than 64 kilometers of ski runs and 15 lifts unfortunately sometimes tourism development has its downsides next stop is the Soviet Georgia Friendship Memorial built in the 1980s

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Georgia Country
Georgia Country


this unique semicircular stone structure is located in a very scenic place surrounded by dramatic Peaks you can rent ATVs to explore the area the views are mind-blowing but in May it’s still pretty chilly, to be honest and finally, at the end of the Georgian military road kiss beg one of the major mountains of the Caucasus with an elevation of five thousand meters kiss Beck is in fact a potentially active volcano

the main attraction here is the ger Getty Trinity Church the road to this church is pretty scary some stretches of the road are falling down literally its location is what makes it so special it is perched 2200 meters high on a mountain overlooking the small town of Stefan’s Minda surrounded by snowy peaks in all sides what are the things to do in this area well you can try hiking to the glass here rafting and horseback riding by the way

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Russia is just ten kilometers from here do you like parks and mineral water Springs well then you got to go to Baja me where Johnny is a resort town in central Georgia it’s known for its mineral water springs in Borjomi Central Park nearby trails wind through the vast wilderness of the park we actually rented a 4×4 vehicle to take us to the springs as we didn’t want to walk too far this is off-road baby

some really beautiful hotel buildings here nature everything weather is perfect that’s a nice place to visit in Georgia and finally the most exciting and remote destination the region of Spinelli this region is in the northwest of the country and it’s so remote and difficult to get to that road conditions can sometimes make it inaccessible and actually it wasn’t reachable by car until 1935 the main city of the region is Mestia.

this place is dotted with defensive stone structures built from the 9th century to the 14th century they were once protecting the villagers from invaders Zanetti is national land and it’s the home of the spans this unique cultures survived for thousands of years because of its remoteness this local still plow their fields by hand and livestock freely roamed the streets the span language is actually one thousand years older than Georgian in the wintertime, there’s a ski resort here and in the summertime, you can use the chairlift to take you up the mountain and enjoy the scenery in the evening you can go to one of the local cafes and enjoy traditional music and dances.

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Georgia Country
Georgia Country



this place gets tourists from all over rainy and peaceful but that’s what Mestia is all about now let’s take a look at different cities of Georgia Gouri is a city in eastern Georgia with a population of 48,000 people Gouri fortress is a medieval structure sitting above the city on a rocky hill this fortress first appears in the 13th-century records this is the city of gory and you can see a football stadium in the distance and that round building is a police station

there is a museum dedicated to the life of Joseph Stalin the leader of the Soviet Union who was born here and the Virgin Mary cathedral built-in 1810 a place to him as a rock-hewn city located just 10 kilometers east of Gouri there are about 700 caves here applicant and the surrounded archaeological monuments Date back to the early Bronze Age lots of lizards in the area like this one next city Kutaisi as the third most populous city in Georgia they call it the city of may and roses and in fact, I’ve seen a lot of roses in front of people’s houses the city is located on the Rihanna River it’s the capital of the western region of Georgia called a Moretti from 2012 to 2018 Kuta EC was briefly

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the seat of the Parliament of Georgia as an effort to decentralize the Georgian government the city enjoys a humid subtropical climate and this palm trees everywhere some of the main tourist attractions are the kulchas fountain on the central square the big Radi Cathedral that was built in the 11th century it’s sitting on a hill and people come here to enjoy the views of the city and while we here let’s listen to the local musicians

the resort city of batumi this is a Black Sea resort and the port city this coastal city has undergone an extreme facelift which makes it the perfect example of George’s transformation under mikhail saakashvili much of Batum his economy revolves around tourism and gambling tourists are flocking to Batumi and casinos are sprouted like mushrooms draw in an estimated 400,000 visitors a year mainly from Turkey where gambling is illegal it actually takes 15 minutes to drive to the Turkish border from here the old town district is lined with renovated 19th century buildings Europe Square Cathedral of the mother of god piazza square and others the best thing about batumi is its 10 kilometer lawn batumi boulevard it is absolutely great come here to watch stunning sunsets there are amazing sculptures and lots of activity at all times of the day did you know that Donald Trump was going to build a hotel in Batumi but he had to back out when he decided to run for president some of the things to see in Batumi Gonia fortress Holly and Nino statute but to me Botanical Garden cha-cha clock tower and dancing fountains and finally the capital of Georgia Tbilisi with a population of over 1 million people this ancient and vibrant city spreads out on both banks of the mcquarrie river the main sights of the city are clustered in the old city.

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Georgia Country
Georgia Country


this area is well known for its sulfur baths houses fed by natural hot springs to enjoy the city view from above take one of the modern cable cars straight up to the 4th-century Narikala fortress which looms over the city and is guarded by the mother of Georgia Monument lots of modern architecture to Bridge of peace house of justice Reich Park and if you want to get away from the Sun on a hot summer day you might want to go to national Botanic Garden of Georgia Holy Trinity Cathedral can be seen from most parts of the city another interesting spot is the metric Church and the statue of King Vakhtang Gargas Ali the busiest and most popular street in the city is rooster Valley Avenue it begins at Freedom Square and extends for about 2 kilometers strolling down Rustaveli Avenue you can observe the daily life of the city listen to the street musicians and have a fresh-squeezed juice and the local National Museum

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they also have a Museum of Soviet occupation and at the same time they have a style of Museum in the city of gory so it’s interesting how they have the two museums peacefully coexisting in one country at Mation a valley is another street you got a visit it has some gorgeous historic buildings and distinctive architecture as well as some great restaurants and cafes lots of interest in places outside of the city – dryer e a sixth-century monastery a UNESCO World Heritage Site MIT’s Gente the oldest city in Georgia

the Black Sea is very far from Tbilisi but they have its melissa sea instead it’s actually a large water reservoir what about the Georgian cuisine do you love meat do you love spicy food then you’re gonna enjoy Georgian cuisine every region of Georgia has its own kind of cuisine King Cali is one of the most famous Georgian dishes it’s basically juicy dumplings and the proper way to eat them as you hold the crown which you don’t eat with your right hand then you slowly and carefully bite a small hole in the king Callie and drink the delicious juice inside and then you eat the rest hotcha puri is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese-filled bread the most popular variation at Jerian has an open boat shape and it’s topped with a raw egg church Helen is a traditional Georgian candle-shaped candy nuts and sometimes raisins are threaded onto a string then dipped into thickened grape juice and then dried in the shape of a sausage there is a good choice of drinks like lemonade’s and of course wines

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Georgia Country
Georgia Country


there are wine shops on every corner George is one of the oldest wine regions in the world but what about the people well Georgians are famous for their hospitality young Georgians are now very different from the older generation young Georgians especially in big cities speak good English and the older generation speaks Russian and they remember the times of the Soviet Union and some of them are still very nostalgic about

the table with Georgians and it was a great experience lots of delicious food long toasts and songs the signs in the streets now reflect the gradual change from the Russian language to English if you see community center in a small Georgian town wow that sounds so American the United States is actively assisting in Georgia and strengthening state institutions and has provided the country with financial assistance in excess of three billion dollars since 1991 and Georgians seem to appreciate that a lot of salaries are still pretty low the official figure is about three hundred and fifty dollars a month but the real number is even lower it’s about anywhere from 110 to 180 dollars a month

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that’s definitely not a lot but it’s a big step forward from fifty dollars a month we used to have Georgia is one of the few ex-USSR countries that took their destiny and

their own hands and now trying to establish themselves on the world tourist map and built a competitive economy thanks for watching guys I hope you enjoyed it there’ll be more Interesting Facts coming…

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