Top Interesting Facts about Germany

Interesting Facts about Germany

Beerfest Olesen sausages old castles and the Autobahn in this Post let’s talk about Germany!!!

Germany has a population of 81 million and it is; the largest economy in Europe the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world to many people around the world the label made in Germany equals quality cash is king in Germany when eating out visit in any store or trying to pay for just about anything don’t be surprised at the response to your credit card is nine months still settle in cash and rely on debit cards called EC or electronic cash roughly 80% of all transactions in Germany are conducted in cash in the USA.

it’s less than 50 Germans work an average of 1371 hours a year Americans for example work 1789 hours almost everything closed at 7:00 p.m. and that includes most grocery stores drugstores and shopping malls and if it’s Sunday you might as well stay at home because; nothing is open on Sunday;

Sundays in Germany really are holidays which means nothing except for small kiosks and gas stations is open Germans are not very religious the Gallup Organization polls show that 57% thing that religion does not play an important part in their lives in Germany you will discover the glory of the bicycle once you start riding a bike you can appreciate the extreme bike friendliness of European cities.

Germany is dead serious about recycling just so you have an idea Germany is number one in the world when it comes to recycling when Germans look at a products package they unconsciously think – which garbage can it has to go to is this plastic is this metal separate in the garbage in Germany is something that really is part of your everyday life which country.


do you think has the most solar panels today the US-China Italy no Germany its renewable energy sector is among the most innovative and successful worldwide Germany’s long term shift to cleaner energy has made its economy the world’s largest to rely soul mark Utley on renewable energy free education for everybody including universities and included foreign students

Germany is a great place to pursue a research career Germany has 105 Nobel Prize winners so if you’re interested in science and technology Germany is a good destination for you after the United States it is the second most popular migration destination in the world 20% of people with immigrant big round 3 million of which Turkish 1.5 million Polish and 1.2 million Russian which is not surprising;

an average salary of 45,000 provides a comfortable lifestyle people here rent rather than buy homeownership rate is just about 43% why the answer seems to be that Germans keep renting because rental housing is kind of nice and affordable public transportation is excellent it is very practical to live in any large German city without owning a car most stops have an electronic timetable with exact arrival times and,

it’s very convenient German taxes are cream-colored with a black and yellow taxi sign on the roof in the birthplace of a luxury sedan it should be no surprise that the bulk of the taxi fleet is comprised of sleek and plush Mercedes and Audi’s when it comes to style and clothing Germans tend to dress in a conservative matter Germans are little socially reserved small talk isn’t really done much in Germany smiling too tends to be met with a puzzled and suspicious look rather than a reciprocated smile back Germans don’t smile unless there is a clear reason to don’t be surprised if your waiter did not smile at you but you can’t really say they’re not friendly;


because; if you ask Germans for something you’ll be glad to help you the autobahn is the pinnacle of the German driving experience perhaps the ultimate and driving all together virtually all of the world’s serious drivers have heard of it and wanted to take their shot at conquering it German cars are known for their precise engineering the Autobahn completes the driving equation more than 50% of the Autobahn has no speed limit you heard it right no speed limit the automotive industry in Germany is regarded as one of the most competitive and innovative in the world and it is the fourth-largest by productions.

did you know that Wolf’s wagon group sells passenger cars on the Audi vampy Bugatti Lamborghini Porsche and many other brands and BMW produced some mini cars and serves as the parent company of Rolls-Royce motor cars a lot of people think about beer when they think about Germany and they’re right of course in total there are approximately 1,300 breweries in Germany produced over 5,000 brands of beer there are lots of rules in Germany!;.


but; you can drink beer anywhere and in Bavaria, it is okay to have a glass of beer during a lunch break but of course, it will depend on the company working for every German eats an average of 53 kilograms of bread per year no wonder since there is such a big selection to choose from Germany is the nation with the biggest variety of Reve in the world sausages are outstanding bratwurst piccata Wars label Giza are all very tasty Germany is so into a sausage made

that it has some types of sausage you might not be able to handle loot Wars to anyone that’s blood sausage and it’s genuinely made from congealed animal blood soccer in Germany like in most European countries the number one attended and practice sport if you were thinking about going to a sauna in Germany you might want to know that it is common for both women and men to be naked in front of each other yes this is how it works here Germans love rules organization and structure they have an abundance of laws regulating all aspects of life, for example, no loud music or noise after 10 p.m. or they will call the cops living in Germany’s

travelers dream being right in the middle of Europe provides you with the opportunity to travel almost anywhere in Europe in the blink of an eye Austria Switzerland Poland France and many more great destinations Germans love any excuse to throw a party wine harvesting season started wine festivals anniversary of a castle being refurbished renaming of a street there’s a festival for everything out of the Sun

here the biggest, of course, is Oktoberfest one giant celebration of beer Germans are really active the number of activities especially during spring and summertime is definitely huge plus there are carnivals museum nights fun fairs festivals outdoor cinemas and so much more for every weekend you can find something to do sometimes customer service in Germany gets a pretty bad rap the check doesn’t come in restaurants unless you specifically ask for it it may take a lot of time for the waiter to notice you and some store clerks act!


As if they don’t care don’t get the wrong impression they just do in a different way they just trying to be professional public nudity what I’m saying public nudity I’m talking about the people will get naked in the public parks and sunbathe you might stumble across a naked man or woman laying in the back and embracing the Sun and no there are not some hot girls that might imagine in the middle of the park where kids are playing football teenagers to secretly smoking and adults around in and walking!!!!

the dogs how is this kind of environment makes you want to get naked in the first place and this brings us to the end of my story about Germany and if you know more facts about Germany please share!!!!

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